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Sabtu, 30 November 2013

0 [Kernel] Cyano Ace Kernel by ketut

BLOG NAME || Artikel: [Kernel] Cyano Ace Kernel by ketut
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[Kernel] Cyano Ace Kernel by ketut

hi as i could see most of bugs with Cyano Ace was because of kernel we had .

here is a development thread just for dev's . so users please do not post . 

New Kernel blackhawkUPDATE:
- WiFi MAC address fix
- Superuser.apk and su updated
- CWM Manager
- BLN support, updated
- WiFi module included
- camera library included


tested and the bug :
ketut : after installing new kernel Root is ok . Ext4 are ok . but if i use your modified i will loose Proximity sensor , and if i use cooliya's one i will loose lights on the capacitive keys !

Old Version

Cyano Ace Original Topic :  [Rom] BehradGH Rom Series | Cyano Ace Port 7.1 by Me [ Public Release Available ] 

to Ketut : you made a kernel and it was good but we had some problems with it .

1. Root and Super user 

2. Proximity Sensor do not work 

3. backlights do not work 
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